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Episode 3 – Amy Winehouse: A diva with a velvet voice and a self-destructive temperament!

Kids! We are on the 23rd of July! The exact day, the anniversary of the sad death of Amy Winehouse. We are in 2014 and it’s been 3 years since the Soul diva with her 60s voice left us. Today, this is not the time to melancholy; we’d rather want to celebrate her talent. From the release of her first album, Frank in 2003, to the second album Back to Black in 2006, the singer has only known the success and was propelled to the rank of an interplanetary star.
amy winehouse entered the 27 club in 2011
Despite her talent, Amy was unfortunately also known for her setbacks. Since 2007, she became a repeated target of tabloids. In 2007, she also started to have drug addiction problems, she started to massively drink alcohol and fell several times into depression. Her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil didn’t help her to go through things. In an interview for the Jeremy Kyle Show, Blake acknowledged having initiated Amy to hard drugs. He added that he was present when the singer has used heroin for the first time. From that moment on, everything will never be the same. Consciously or not, she sealed her fate. The repeated use of drugs and alcohol led Amy to relatively serious health conditions.

In 2008, her doctors detected a lung disease in addition to an irregular heartbeat. Despite repeated warnings from the doctors, the diva did not quit smoking and continued to take crack. The singer began her long and very slow plunge into darkness. In the same year, she went back and forth to the hospital. She made the front pages of every tabloid for drug deals, violence and other assaults. Her gigs were consecutively cancelled. When they are not cancelled, Amy still tries to get on stage, even drunk, barely able to articulate and being booed by the crowd. The coup de grace is brought to Amy when Blake asked for a divorce in 2009. Right after that, she became the shadow of herself.

On July 23rd, 2011, Amy was found lifeless by her bodyguard. In her apartment in Camden Town in London, alone in her bed, surrounded by a couple of bottles of vodka, the sleeping beauty went away. She had apparently spent the night playing drums, singing and watching videos of her on YouTube before dying. The autopsy concluded an accidental death due to excessive alcohol consumption (4.16 gr of alcohol per liter in her blood at the time of her death). Deceased at age 27, Amy Winehouse is the latest member to date to join the infamous 27 Club.

R.I.P Amy

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Episode 3 – Amy Winehouse : Une diva Ă  la voix de velours, au tempĂ©rament destructeur!

Nous sommes le 23 juillet mes enfants ! Le jour exact, l’anniversaire de la triste mort d’Amy Winehouse. Nous sommes en 2014 et cela fait maintenant 3 ans que la diva de la soul Ă  la voix trĂšs 60â€Čs nous a quittĂ©. Aujourd’hui, l’heure n’est pas Ă  la mĂ©lancolie mais plutĂŽt Ă  la cĂ©lĂ©bration de son talent. De la sortie de son premier album, Frank en 2003, puis du second, Back to Black en 2006, la chanteuse n’aura connu que le succĂšs et fut propulsĂ©e au rang de star interplanĂ©taire.
amy winehouse entered the 27 club in 2011
En dĂ©pit de son talent, Amy Ă©tait malheureusement aussi connu pour ses dĂ©boires. Depuis 2007, elle Ă©tait devenue la cible rĂ©pĂ©tĂ©e des tabloĂŻds. Elle connaĂźt dĂšs cette Ă©poque des problĂšmes de toxicomanie, d’alcoolisme et sombre Ă  de multiples reprises dans la dĂ©pression. Son mariage avec Blake Fielder-Civil n’arrangea pas les choses. Dans une interview pour le Jeremy Kyle Show, ce dernier reconnaĂźt avoir initiĂ© Amy Ă  la drogue dure. Il ajoute qu’il Ă©tait prĂ©sent quand la chanteuse usa pour la premiĂšre fois de l’hĂ©roĂŻne. C’est Ă  partir de ce moment lĂ  que tout bascule. Consciemment ou non, elle scelle son destin. L’usage rĂ©pĂ©tĂ© des drogues et de l’alcool conduira Amy Ă  des problĂšmes de santĂ© relativement graves.

DĂšs 2008, les mĂ©decins lui dĂ©cĂšlent une maladie pulmonaire en plus d’un rythme cardiaque irrĂ©gulier. MalgrĂ© les avertissements rĂ©pĂ©tĂ©s des mĂ©decins, la diva ne posa pas la cigarette et continua Ă  prendre du crack. La chanteuse commence sa longue et lente descente aux enfers. A partir de cette annĂ©e, elle enchaĂźne les sĂ©jours Ă  l’hĂŽpital. Elle fait la Une des journaux Ă  scandale pour des affaires de drogue, violence et autres voies de fait. Les tournĂ©es s’annulent consĂ©cutivement. Quand elles ne sont pas annulĂ©es, Amy tente quand mĂȘme de monter sur scĂšne complĂštement ivre, arrivant Ă  peine Ă  articuler et se faisant huer par la foule. Le coup de grĂące lui est portĂ© quand Blake demande le divorce en 2009. Amy sombre de plus en plus, elle maigrit fortement, se fragilise. Elle n’est plus que l’ombre d’elle-mĂȘme.

Le 23 juillet 2011, Amy est retrouvĂ©e inanimĂ©e par son garde du corps. Dans son appartement de Camden Town Ă  Londres, seule dans son lit, entourĂ©e de deux bouteilles vodka, la belle s’en est allĂ©e. Elle aurait passĂ© la nuit Ă  faire de la batterie, des vocalises et regarder des vidĂ©os d’elle sur youtube avant de s’éteindre. L’autopsie conclura Ă  une mort accidentelle par consommation excessive d’alcool (4.16 grs d’alcool par litre de sang au moment de sa mort). DĂ©cĂ©dĂ©e Ă  27 ans, Amy Winehouse est la derniĂšre Ă  intĂ©grer le tristement cĂ©lĂšbre Club des 27.

R.I.P Amy

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Episode 3/6 - Amy Winehouse: A diva with a velvet voice and a self-destructive temperament! Episode 3 – Amy Winehouse: A diva with a velvet voice and a self-destructive temperament! Kids! We are on the 23rd of July!

Vinyl Record Art – EasterVinyl Record Art – Easter

Vinyl Record Art – #041 - Easter

When fashion meets the record!

Being an artist is also a chance or the opportunity to do collaborations. For this piece of art called ‘Easter’, we’ll come back on the name later on, I asked a very close friend to do a design for me. Marion, not to mention any names, talented fashion designer has accepted the challenge and drew a portrait that I could carve on wax.

Marion is not only a fashion

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Episode 2 – Kurt Cobain: The hypersensitive prince of the Grunge music scene of Seattle!

On April 5th, 1994, Kurt Cobain has passed away. It’s been now 20 years that he left us orphans, us, the children of the rock music and the grunge scene. 20 years, during which we kept wearing ripped jeans, listening to Nevermind and the MTV Unplugged Live in New York over and over, just to remind us that a great hypersensitive and depressed artist with evocative texts, went away that day.
The mystery still remains around his death. Even if the theory of a suicide by gunshot is the one adopted by the police investigators of Seattle, many fans still refuse to believe it and call it a murder, an orchestrated assassination of the singer.

The last days!

To understand this dark story, we have to go back in time, one month before Kurt’s death, on March 2nd, 1994, in Munich. The singer flew to Rome to get a treatment for his bronchitis and laryngitis. In the morning of March 4th, Courtney Love, his wife, found Kurt lying on the floor. He OD’d. Sent to the hospital, he spent the day in a coma. Courtney Love, in an interview for Rolling Stone magazine, said that this was his first suicide attempt. Theory still to this day refuted and denied by relatives, the doctors of the American hospital in Rome and the managers of the star.

On March 18th, 94, a new situation occurs in Seattle. Courtney calls 911 to report that Kurt was locked in a room with a gun and would have suicidal tendencies. Dispatched to the scene, the police confiscated several weapons and drugs belonging to the singer. Cobain at the time loudly proclaimed that he was not suicidal and had locked himself up just to escape his wife. Questioned by the police, Love admitted that she had never seen Kurt with a weapon or that he mentioned being suicidal.
kurt cobain smoking a cigaret and playing guitar
On March 25th, 94, still concerned about Kurt’s health, Love organizes an intervention to reason the singer on his drug addiction. Few friends of Cobain, members of his record label and Danny Goldberg his manager are present that day. At the end of the day, Kurt agrees to go to rehab even if he denied the need of it and also denied his state of self-destruction.

On March 30th, Kurt goes to a detox centre in Los Angeles. Just arrived, Cobain escape the detox centre and takes a plane to Seattle. On April 3rd, Courtney decides to hire a private investigator, Tom Grant, to locate the singer.

On April 8th, 1994, the lifeless body of Kurt Cobain was found at his home near Lake Washington in Seattle. He was found by an electrician named Gary Smith, hired by Love, who came by that morning, to install a security system. He thought that Cobain was asleep. The body was lying on the floor, a shotgun on the chest, the investigators quickly concluded to a suicide by a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head, preceded by a massive consumption of heroin. The death certificate estimated the death of Kurt Cobain on the 5th of April 1994, at the age of 27. Nirvana’s lead singer pushes the doors of the 27 Club and enters the legend!

The murder theory is advanced!

Despite the official status of the singer’s death by suicide with a shotgun, many people can’t help but raise the argument of the murderous plot. There is enough strange evidence to suggest that Kurt did not commit a suicide but would have indeed been murdered.

There was the first the suicide note addressed to Boddah, his imaginary friend (see here the letter and its transcription).
Tom Grant, the private investigator hired by Courtney, had access to this letter. After studying it, Grant says that the singer had the desire to leave his wife, the city of Seattle and to stop the music. According to him, the letter was in no way a suicide note. Only the last lines, separated from the main text, might suggest a suicide note. Some noted the difference of handwriting on the last lines. Those lines would have been added post-mortem to disguise the murder as a suicide. Others confirm that the letter was entirely written by the singer. The official report will keep the second version.
We can note that Kurt’s letter cites the lyrics of a song by Neil Young “Hey Hey, My My”: “It’s better to burn out than fade away”. Prophetic message?
kurt cobain in front of a message board from a church
A second approach in the theory of the murder lies in the fact that Cobain had begun a divorce procedure which excluded Courtney of his will and wanted to leave his entire fortune to his daughter Frances. This is where Eldon Hoke steps in, an American musician. He is suspected of being involved in Kurt Cobain’s murder. He says in his latest interview that Love, in December 1993, would have come to see him at his record store and would have offered him $ 50,000 to kill Kurt. Passed to a lie detector, he obtained a score of 99.7% attesting the truth of his words. Two days after that interview, he was hit by a train in the middle of the night and killed. There were no witnesses to his death.

A final theory is advanced by Tom Grant. According to him, Michael Dewitt, the babysitter of Frances (daughter of Kurt and Courtney), would have killed Kurt because he was upset with the way Cobain treated Courtney.

None of these theories have been proven. Seattle police still officially maintains the suicide theory. However, there is a list of evidence and relatively strange facts that seem to confirm the theory of contract killings. Here are some examples:

* No prints were found on the shotgun even though Kurt was not wearing any gloves.
* An audio tape of Courtney Love was found, in which the latter mentions that the profits of Nirvana will increase after the singer’s death.
* No fingerprints on the pen which helped to write the suicide note.
* The shotgun was too long for Kurt to put it easily into his mouth.
* In a toxicology report it was mentioned that the level of heroin in Cobain’s blood was 1.52 milligrams per liter, more than 3 times the lethal dose. Also according to Tom Grant, with such a dose of heroin in the blood, Cobain would not have been able to pull the trigger. The dose was too strong, it would have served to neutralize the singer to shoot him and then disguise the murder as a suicide.
* A police report says that the singer had barricaded himself, but the electrician hired by Courtney, when he discovered the body, simply had to turn the handle of the door.

Whatever happened, suicide or murder, the case is apparently far from having revealed all its secrets. We will maybe never know the end of the story. Yet one thing is certain, on that April 5th, 1994, we lost a great star of rock music.

R.I.P Kurt.

For further information

In 2014 will be release a docudrama called “Soaked In Bleach”. It is based on archive footage and follows private investigator Tom Grant in his quest for the truth. The film directed by Benjamin Statler suggests that Courtney Love had planned the murder of the rock star. A project that may inflame passions and revive the debate on the conspiracy theory.

Two months before the death of Kurt, Youri Lenquette (photographer), took in Paris, the last official photoshoot of Nirvana. Here are some rather nice shots.

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Episode 2 – Kurt Cobain : Le prince Ă©corchĂ© du Grunge de Seattle !

Le 5 Avril 1994, on apprenait la disparition de Kurt Cobain. Cela fait maintenant 20 ans qu’il nous a laissĂ© orphelins, nous les enfants de la musique rock et de la scĂšne grunge. 20 ans que l’on continue Ă  porter des jeans dĂ©chirĂ©s, que l’on Ă©coute Nevermind et le MTV Unplugged Live in New York en boucle, rien que pour se rappeler que ce jour lĂ , un immense artiste Ă©corchĂ©, dĂ©pressif aux textes Ă©vocateurs est parti.
Le mystĂšre persiste toujours autour de sa mort. MĂȘme si la thĂšse du suicide par balle est celle retenue par les enquĂȘteurs de la Police de Seattle (USA), de nombreux fans refusent encore d’y croire et crient au meurtre, Ă  l’assassinat orchestrĂ© du chanteur.

The last days!

Pour comprendre cette sombre histoire, il faut remonter 1 mois avant la mort de Kurt: le 2 mars 1994 Ă  Munich. Le chanteur s’envole pour Rome afin de se soigner d’une bronchite et d’une laryngite. Au matin du 4 mars, Courtney Love, sa femme, retrouve Kurt Ă©tendu sur le sol. Il a fait une overdose. EnvoyĂ© Ă  l’hĂŽpital, il passera la journĂ©e dans le coma.
Courtney Love, dans une interview pour le magazine Rolling Stones, dĂ©clara qu’il s’agissait lĂ  de sa premiĂšre tentative de suicide. HypothĂšse encore Ă  ce jour rĂ©futĂ©e et dĂ©mentie par les proches, les mĂ©decins de l’hĂŽpital amĂ©ricain de Rome et les managers de la star.

Le 18 mars 94, un nouvel incident survient Ă  Seattle. Courtney appelle le 911 pour signaler que Kurt s’est enfermĂ© dans une piĂšce avec une arme et aurait des tendances suicidaires. DĂ©pĂȘchĂ©e sur les lieux, la police confisqua plusieurs armes et des mĂ©dicaments appartenant au chanteur. Cobain Ă  l’époque clamait haut et fort qu’il n’était pas suicidaire et qu’il s’était juste enfermĂ© pour Ă©chapper Ă  sa femme. InterrogĂ©e par la police, Love admettra qu’elle n’avait jamais vu Kurt avec une arme ni qu’il avait mentionnĂ© le fait d’ĂȘtre suicidaire.
kurt cobain smoking a cigaret and playing guitar
Le 25 mars 94, toujours soucieuse de l’état de Kurt, Love organise une intervention pour raisonner le chanteur sur son addiction aux drogues. Quelques amis de Cobain, des membres de sa maison de disque et son manager Danny Goldberg sont prĂ©sents ce jour lĂ . A l’issu de la journĂ©e, Kurt accepte d’aller en cure de dĂ©sintoxication bien qu’il ait niĂ© en avoir besoin et rĂ©futĂ© Ă©galement son Ă©tat d’autodestruction.

Le 30 mars, Kurt se rend donc dans un centre de dĂ©sintoxication de Los Angeles. A peine arrivĂ©, Cobain s’enfuit du centre et dĂ©colle pour Seattle. Le 3 avril, Courtney dĂ©cide d’engager un dĂ©tective privĂ©, Tom Grant, afin de localiser le chanteur.

Le 8 avril 1994, le corps sans vie de Kurt Cobain est retrouvĂ© Ă  son domicile prĂšs du Lac Washington, Ă  Seattle. Il est dĂ©couvert par un Ă©lectricien du nom de Gary Smith, engagĂ© par Love, qui venait ce matin lĂ , installer un systĂšme de sĂ©curitĂ©. Il croyait en arrivant sur les lieux que Cobain dormait. Le corps gisant sur le sol, un fusil sur la poitrine, les enquĂȘteurs concluront rapidement Ă  un suicide par balle, prĂ©cĂ©dĂ© d’une forte consommation d’hĂ©roĂŻne. L’acte de dĂ©cĂšs estimera la mort de Kurt Cobain au 5 avril 1994 et ce Ă  l’ñge de 27 ans. Le chanteur de Nirvana pousse les portes du Club des 27 et entre dans la lĂ©gende !

La thĂšse de l’assassinat est avancĂ©e !

MalgrĂ© le statut officiel de la mort du chanteur par suicide avec une arme, de nombreuses personnes ne peuvent s’empĂȘcher de soulever la thĂšse du complot meurtrier. Il existe beaucoup de preuves assez Ă©tranges qui laissent penser que Kurt ne se serait pas suicidĂ© mais aurait bel et bien Ă©tĂ© assassinĂ©.

Il y a tout d’abord la lettre de suicide adressĂ©e Ă  Boddah, son ami imaginaire (voir ici la lettre et sa traduction en français).
Tom Grant, le dĂ©tective privĂ© engagĂ© par Courtney, a eu accĂšs Ă  cette lettre. AprĂšs l’avoir Ă©tudiĂ©, Grant affirme que le chanteur avait le dĂ©sir de quitter sa femme, la ville de Seattle et d’arrĂȘter la musique. D’aprĂšs lui, cette lettre n’était en aucun cas une lettre de suicide. Seules les derniĂšres lignes, sĂ©parĂ©es du texte principal, pourraient faire penser Ă  une lettre de suicide. Certains notent la diffĂ©rence d’écriture dans les derniĂšres lignes. Ces lignes auraient Ă©tĂ© rajoutĂ©es post-mortem pour dĂ©guiser le meurtre en suicide. D’autres confirment que la lettre a Ă©tĂ© entiĂšrement Ă©crite par le chanteur. Le rapport officiel gardera la seconde version.
Nous pouvons noter que Kurt dans sa lettre, cite les paroles d’une chanson de Neil Young “Hey Hey, My My” : “It’s better to burn out than fade away” (Mieux vaut exploser en vol que s’éteindre Ă  petit feu). Message prĂ©monitoire ?
kurt cobain in front of a message board from a church
Une seconde approche dans la thĂ©orie de l’assassinat rĂ©side dans le fait que Cobain avait entamĂ© une procĂ©dure de divorce qui excluait Courtney de son testament et voulait lĂ©guer l’intĂ©gralitĂ© de sa fortune Ă  sa fille Frances. C’est lĂ  qu’intervient Eldon Hoke, un musicien amĂ©ricain. Il est soupçonnĂ© d’ĂȘtre impliquĂ© dans l’affaire Kurt Cobain. Il affirme dans son dernier entretien que Love, en dĂ©cembre 1993, serait venue le voir Ă  son magasin de disques et lui aurait proposĂ© 50 000$ pour tuer Kurt. PassĂ© au dĂ©tecteur de mensonge, il obtient un score de 99.7% attestant la vĂ©racitĂ© de ses propos. Une semaine aprĂšs sa dĂ©claration, il fut retrouvĂ© mort, heurtĂ© par un train alors qu’il Ă©tait ivre. La personne l’accompagnant ce jour lĂ , n’a jamais Ă©tĂ© retrouvĂ©e.

Une derniĂšre hypothĂšse est avancĂ©e par Tom Grant. Selon lui, c’est Michael Dewitt, le baby-sitter de Frances (la fille de Kurt), qui aurait tuĂ© Kurt car il Ă©tait Ă©nervĂ© de la façon dont Cobain traitait Courtney.

Aucune de toutes ces hypothĂšses n’ont Ă©tĂ© avĂ©rĂ©es. La police de Seattle maintient toujours officiellement la thĂšse du suicide. Il reste cependant une liste de preuves et de faits relativement Ă©tranges qui sembleraient confirmer la thĂšse du meurtre commanditĂ©. En voici quelques exemples :

* Aucune empreinte n’a Ă©tĂ© trouvĂ©e sur le fusil du suicide alors mĂȘme que Kurt ne portait pas de gants.
* Une cassette audio de Courtney Love a été retrouvée, dans laquelle cette derniÚre mentionne le fait que les profits du groupe Nirvana augmenteraient aprÚs la mort du chanteur.
* Pas d’empreintes sur le stylo qui a permis d’écrire la lettre de suicide.
* Le fusil Ă©tait trop long pour que Kurt puisse facilement le porter Ă  sa bouche.
* Dans un rapport de toxicologie il est mentionnĂ© que le niveau d’hĂ©roĂŻne dans le sang de Cobain Ă©tait de 1.52 milligramme par litre, soit plus de 3 fois la dose mortelle. Toujours selon Tom Grant, avec une telle dose d’hĂ©roĂŻne dans le sang, Cobain n’aurait pas Ă©tĂ© capable d’appuyer sur la gĂąchette. La dose Ă©tait trop puissante, elle aurait servit Ă  neutraliser le chanteur pour pouvoir ensuite l’abattre et dĂ©guiser le meurtre en suicide.
* Un rapport de la police affirme que le chanteur s’était barricadĂ© chez lui, mais l’électricien, engagĂ© par Courtney, quand il a dĂ©couvert le corps, n’a simplement eu qu’à tourner la poignĂ©e.

Quoi qu’il en soit, suicide ou assassinat, l’affaire est loin d’avoir apparemment rĂ©vĂ©lĂ© tous ses secrets. Nous ne sauront peut ĂȘtre mĂȘme jamais le fin de l’histoire. Pourtant, une chose est sĂ»re, c’est que le 5 avril 1994 nous avons perdu une immense star de la music rock.

R.I.P Kurt.

Pour en savoir plus

En 2014 sortira un docu-fiction appelĂ© “Soaked In Bleach“. Il s’appuie sur des images d’archives et suit le dĂ©tective privĂ© Tom Grant dans sa quĂȘte de la vĂ©ritĂ©. Le long mĂ©trage rĂ©alisĂ© par Benjamin Statler laisse entendre que Courtney Love aurait planifiĂ© le meurtre de la rock star. Un projet qui risque de dĂ©chaĂźner les passions et relancer le dĂ©bat sur la thĂ©orie du complot.

Deux mois avant la mort de Kurt, Youri Lenquette (photographe), a réalisé à Paris, la derniÚre séance photo officielle du groupe Nirvana. En voici quelques clichés plutÎt sympathiques.

Intro: Le Club des 27
1er episode: Jim Morrison
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4Ăšme episode: Janis Joplin – 7 AoĂ»t 2014
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27 Club - Episode #2 - Kurt Cobain : The hypersensitive prince of the Grunge music scene of Seattle! Episode 2 – Kurt Cobain: The hypersensitive prince of the Grunge music scene of Seattle! On April 5th, 1994, Kurt Cobain has passed away.

Episode #1 – Jim Morrison : The Rock’n’Roll’s damned poet

Today, it has been 43 years since Jim Morrison died. 43 years that his grave continues to be decorated with flowers in the Pùre Lachaise Cemetery (Paris). 43 years during which the mystery persists around his death. Several theories are to be put forward. Heart attack, overdose, plot, directing his death

jim morrison, died at the age of 27

27 Club - Episode #1 - Jim Morrison : The Rock’n’Roll’s damned poet!

June is nearly over and holidays are on their way

To not to leave you on the lurch for the beginning of the summer, I have written for you a dossier on the famous 27 Club. Halfway between the legend, the myth and the curse, you will be surprised to discover the secrets of the most famous members of this tragic club.  6 articles will come to cover the ‘Thursday’s Discoveries’ and feed, sporadically your summer. So, I’ll see you on the 3rd of July for the 1st episode.

But before then, the Musical History lesson starts here!   

Analog - A video for vinyl loversAnalog - Une vidéo pour les amoureux du vinyle

Thursday’s Discoveries —-> A video to convince you to dig records!

The Vinyl Record: an invitation to the pleasure of digging!

They already bluffed us with a great video; NaNo Media‘s team is back to deliver us a new clean and neat video. They remind us, how one of the pleasures of all the wax‘s aficionados is to dig and discovering new pearls.

The recordcan’t be reduced to a simple musical support. The vinyl carries many other values. Those who love digging

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Abstract 3D Sculpture on a vinyl record

Thursday’s Discoveries —-> A 3D animation on a vinyl record
 Check this out!

When the 3D dances on a vinyl record, it gives this!

In his 3D video called Chooser, the artist Vince Ream gives an entity to the song Broken Box by The Queen Of The Stone Age. With the rhythm of the music, the record ‘comes alive‘ with bright 3D shapes.

It’s unusual for a rock track to have an abstract video that comes with. We were quite used to having leather and skulls. And yet, the result

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